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Septic Tank Cleaning Near Me

Septic tanks are sewage tanks that can be attached to a home’s plumbing system. They are usually used in rural areas where public sewer lines are not installed. If you own a septic tank, make it a point to keep it clean by having it cleaned and pumped regularly. Here is everything you have to know about keeping your septic tank clean.

Why Do You Have to Clean a Septic Tank?

When you flush a toilet in your house, run the washing machine, or use water to take a shower, the used water and waste are transported to your septic tank. The septic tank is designed so liquid, like water, can be carried out of the tank onto a drain field. But waste descends to the bottom of the tank and stays.

As the waste starts to break down, it transforms into slime or sludge-like material. Pumping the tank eliminates this sludge material, preventing your tank from being full that it cannot function or overflows into your yard.

Can You Clean a Septic Tank Yourself?

Technically, you can clean a septic tank on your own. However, professionals do not advise that you do so. Cleaning a septic tank is a complicated and arduous process. If not done correctly, you can improperly dispose of waste, damage your tank, or fail to eliminate all of the waste from the tank.

It would be best if you chose a professional septic company like us at Mid-Tenn Septic & Plumbing to clean your septic tank. We have the tools needed to pump your tank correctly and have the training and knowledge to eliminate all of the waste from your tank and get rid of it properly. If you need reliable “septic cleaning near me,” call us today!

Lebanon Septic Tank Cleaning

To maintain the longevity of your septic system and to make the most out of this investment, it’s recommended to have your septic tank cleaned regularly. This may leave you wondering how frequently your tank has to be cleaned and pumped.

Various factors affect the frequency in which your tank has to be cleaned and pumped, like the size of the tank, size of your home, the amount of waste your household products, the number of people living there, and whether you use bacteria tanks or enzymes.

A septic tank expert like us at Mid-Tenn Septic & Plumbing can determine how frequently you should have your tank be pumped based on the following factors.

How To Determine When Your Tank Is Time for Cleaning

Aside from a septic specialist like us at Mid-Tenn Septic & Plumbing providing you with an estimated pumping schedule, your tank may also present you with signs that the tank is time to be cleaned.

When your tank has to be pumped, water may start to drain slowly from your home. You may notice water puddles around your feet in the shower or sink water gradually draining away when doing the dishes.

Another indication that your septic tank has to be pumped is odors. When your tank is complete, there may be an odor. These odors may be present in the lawn around the tank, or smells can move through the pipes into your house, and you may detect odors near your drains.

Lastly, if your tank is overdue for pumping, your tank may start to overflow. When this happens, you will see puddles or pooling water and debris in your yard around the septic tank. Ensure you know where your tank is placed so you can keep an eye out for any standing water in the area.

Will Toilet Flush If Septic Tank Is Full?

When your septic tank is full, you might notice that your toilet does not fully flush or flushes very slowly. There are also odd noises that occur whenever you flush your toilet. You need Lebanon septic tank cleaning services to be able to flush your toilet normally again.

Is it high time to clean and pump your septic tank? At Mid-Tenn Septic & Plumbing, servicing the greater Lebanon, Tennessee area, we can assist you with all of your septic tank needs, including inspections, maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. Call us today to book your appointment. Learn more about Septic Tank Risers.

How Long Between Septic Tank Cleaning

All septic systems need regular tank cleaning! If you are wondering how long between septic tank cleaning is required, the suggested cleaning frequency is 1 to 3 years- depending on household water usage. A family of 6 will produce 3x as much wastewater as a family of 2, increasing the significance of more frequent cleanings. The cleaning frequency is very dependent on the volume of wastewater being pushed into your septic system (huge family = more frequent cleanings). We would be glad to examine your situation and proper cleaning frequency further. Furthermore, we can help set you up on an automatic and regular cleaning schedule.

The most crucial thing to understand about your septic tank system is that you don’t just pump the tank once it “fills up.” A septic tank is created to function “full.” The average septic tank is 1000 gallons, and the average household utilizes 1000 gallons of water per week; this indicates it takes only a week for a tank to fill back up after a cleaning!

The longer you let the solid waste and sludge build-up in your tank, the more risk you run of that stuff finding its way out of your tank and inside your drain field. Sludge and solid waste take no time at all to break a drain field once that material starts to plug up the drainage system (perforated pipe/stone/sand). The damage this causes is permanent and irreversible. It will soon lead to total field failure and require a complete septic field replacement. The most accessible and most affordable way to extend your septic system’s life is to ensure regular septic cleaning.

When you book a schedule for your tank cleaning with us at Mid-Tenn Septic & Plumbing, we make sure to answer all your questions and address any questions and concerns upfront. We take extreme care to treat your yard, landscaping & driveway as if they were our own. We will arrive at your home and explain the septic cleaning process at the time of service (if interested). If you’d prefer we handle it 100% while you’re at work, we can explain the process over the phone and take care of it while you’re out. Either way, our objective is to make cleaning your septic tank as easy and painless as possible. Call us today!


Cleaning costs will vary depending on the tank’s size, the kind of pump or truck used, whether filters are changed or cleaned and whether the drain lines need to be cleaned during the pumping process. The time passed since the last cleaning, and how often the septic system is used will also be factored in determining how much you will pay.

Always hire a reputable professional like us at Mid-Tenn Septic & Plumbing for septic tank pumping; this is hazardous waste and requires skilled professionals and safe disposal methods. Call us today to know more about septic services.

Best Septic Tank Cleaning Companies

As a general rule, septic tanks need to be cleaned once they have reached a third of their total capacity. For most septic tanks, this doesn’t occur more than once a year, so septic tank cleanings are not a frequent necessity. But when the time comes, you can’t ignore it!

Septic tanks come in various sizes, shapes, and varieties. Mid-Tenn Septic & Plumbing has seen them all.

Thus, we are among the best septic tank cleaning companies to service your septic tank.

Our experts will arrive on-site, assess the system, and identify the best ways to clean the system properly; this could include cleaning and plumbing:

  • The septic tank
  • Sewer and Drain clearing
  • Cleaning and plumbing of lift stations
  • Pumping of septic tank or traps
  • Cleaning the inlet and outlet piping

And a lot more! We’ve found that the best way to ensure your septic system’s health is to schedule regular maintenance. Give us a call or contact us to identify the proper maintenance intervals that work for your residence in Lebanon!

Here at Mid-Tenn Septic & Plumbing, we understand septic systems. Our crew of specialists has spent years delivering reliable and affordable septic tank pumping services across Lebanon, TN, and nearby areas. We are ready with the proper tools and know-how to remove and dispose of waste properly, assuring your system continues to run at maximum performance. Call us today!

Septic Tank Cleaning in My Area

As with most things in life, the better you take care of them, the longer they survive. Your septic tank is no exception. With more than one in five households in America using a septic system, it’s essential to understand how to maintain them properly.

Trying to manage your septic system on your own probably isn’t the best idea. Any matter pumped out has to be stored in transport containers and disposed of following strict federal regulations. The tiniest mistake can cause serious health hazards.

Making an appointment for regular septic tank cleanings can save you money by avoiding costly replacements, maintaining your property’s value, and by guaranteeing you and your loved ones to stay healthy.

Save yourself worry and time when you employ the septic tank cleaning professionals at Mid-Tenn Septic & Plumbing. If you need “septic tank cleaning in my area,” look no further. Our years of experience and expertise will guarantee that we can perform septic tank cleaning for your home, with efficiency. Call us today!

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